Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does The Better Ad Car Use Car Magnet Ads or Car Wraps?

In the car branding industry there are two main types of ad cars, those using car magnet ads and those using car wraps. There isn’t a huge cost effectiveness difference between the two for the advertising agency. Both are effective, but is either one any better than the other? Let’s examine the differences starting with car magnet ads.

Car magnet ads have several benefits to an ad car that car wraps may not offer. One of which is the arrangement. Car magnets can start out in one spot on your car and later migrate to another. Wherever it’s determined is a more effective spot on your car to advertise, you can move your ad there. Another huge benefit is the ad selection. You can start out with whatever car ad you want and later change it to a totally different ad for a totally different product, service or entire company! That would seemingly give car magnet ads a minor advantage over car wraps.


Car wraps offer equally distinctive benefits that you can’t get from most car magnet ads. Car wraps best attribute are the distances that they can be seen from. This may be the most valuable asset to ad cars that use car wraps. The downside to car magnet ads is that you have to be relatively close to the ad to really reap the benefits of the ad. Another very viable benefit to using car wraps is the fact that it is more of a fixture to your car than an accessory. While it is beneficial in many ways to have the stationary ability of the car magnet ads, there’s not much that can be done to remove the ads from car wraps. While car magnet ads can be stolen, lost, or severely damage quite easily, none of these are problems that one would deal with using the car wrap.

The cost value of each will be relative to the needs of each ad car. For those that are advertising a small business that only need a boost to help out with their ad campaign, car magnets ads will be in your short term budget. The cost of these typically range from around $20 to $150 with sizes ranging from 4” x 12” to 24” x 48” respectively or custom sizes(with custom pricing). But again, the reach is not as far as car wraps. Now, car wraps are a little more pricing, but will create huge conversions for with a good ad. Car wraps typically range in pricing from $2400 to $2800 for mid-sized cars and $3000 to $3600 for Vans/SUV’s. For the audience size these bring in, it’s well worth it for a larger company. The longer the ad car is wrapped, the more cost effective this ad type is.

In the end, neither of these car branding types is better. They are both equally effective in different ways and cost effective for the needs of whichever company. Using car magnet ads or car wraps, ad cars are an overall effective means of advertising.